■TOEI Order Story
discovered TOEI in 1984 when I met Imura Hiroshi at his bicycle shop.  My inspiration for owning a TOEI bicycle began in 1999 when I met Tsuyoshi Nakahori on the computer (email).  In 2004 my wife and I visited Japan where we met Nakahori-san and Kikuchi Manabu.  Kikuchi-san took us to meet the men of TOEI, and we visited the TOEI shop and saw the 50th Anniversary TOEI bicycles made for Kikuchi-san and Nakahori-san.  We had luch with the men of TOEI, and Koybashi-san gave me a very special present of three TOEI head badges.  This made my decision easy: I knew I would order a TOEI bicycle one day. 

I looked at many, many photographs of TOEI bicycles and decided to order a 650B randonneur with special lugs and custom stem.  I decided on 650B wheel size because it is in the tradition of Herse and Singer bicycles and I was curious about the performance of 650B wheels.  In 2007 my wife and I attended the TOEI Owners Meeting at Lake Tateshina.  I was happy to meet Akuta-san and ride the bicycle with him because I look at his website every week.  I was very happy to again see Nakahori-san and Kikuchi-san, and to meet many followers of TOEI.  I looked at many TOEI bicycles and this gave me ideas for my bicycle, in particular the internal wiring for the generator lights. 

The color of my bicycle was chosen to give a feeling of harmony with the Earth and harmony in my heart when I ride the TOEI.

I like old French parts so my plan was to make the bicycle with all NOS French parts. I collected parts for three years for my TOEI.  My goal is nearly complete, for soon I will add a Berthoud handlebar bag and Stronglight Competition bottom bracket, as well as wheels with maxi Car hubs and Super Champion 650B rims.  My is to find an Ad Hoc pump for my TOEI. 

I love my TOEI bicycle.  The workmanship is the best I have seen, and the ride is wonderful with the 650B wheels.  I continue to get inspiration from my new friend Akuta-san and from my good friends Nakahori-san and Kikuchi-san.  The best reason for me to own my TOEI bicycle are the wonderful friends in Japan that I have.  I am a very lucky person.

It completes 2008, and a typical French type Randonneur. The color is harmony with the Earth and harmony in ownner's heart, It was Light blue.


Part of chain wheel

Clankarm : Stronglight49D,  170mm,
Chainrings : TA 46×34 
Chain: Sedis

It was Standaed Assemble for french style Touring Randonneur.

The lower side of the down tube is equipped with the bottle cage when often seeing.

Part of Rear change.

Rear change : Simplex SLJ♯5500.
I also am using these about two changes. Capacity is large,
I think so good Change.

Free Wheel : Suntour 13×14×16×18×21×23 6speed.

Part of seat lug

Tube : "KAISEI"maybe 022?
Lugs : TOEI Special made "type B".

Lug finish is very very very Beautiful!!

Tail lamp : TOEI Special made type "JOS "
The code is building the tube into.

Part of Saddle.

Saddle is Great goods of France,IDEALE ♯90.
Of course, it's saddle with the signature of "Daniel Rebour".

Seat post : Simplex.

Part of handle bar

handle bar : NITTO Randonneur ,maybe type B135?
Bar tape : cotton, light gray color.

Stem : Special made by TOEI, length 11cm. with Front bag supporter.

Part of head.

Head parts : Stronglight Competition , tube "KAISEI" maybe 022? 
Lugs : Special made by TOEI "Type B"

Brake arch : MAFAC "Criterium" Canti type.
Shifters : Simplex SLJ ♯5500 Friction type.

It is a size that about this first size gets beauty Silhouette.

Part of Stem.

Stem length : 11cm, Special made by TOEI, very beautiful, and Good finish.

Brake Lever : "MAFAC" full hoods type.

Part of dynamo.

dynamo : Soubitez "12N",The code is building the tube into.

Fender : "HONJO" 650B. The fender is very hard-to-find now.

Tire : Panaracer "Col de ra vie" 650B.
Rim : Super Champion 650B 32H.

with another spere wheel 1set,
Hub: Perssier
Rim: Rigida Sphynx 650B 32H
Spokes: DT stainless.
Tire: Panaracer "Col de ra vie" 650B.

Front lighting,

Right : Soubitez type "golf balll" The code is building the tube into.

Left: battery lamp.

Part of Hub.

Hub: Pellissier SFQR 32H.
spoke : "DT" stainless 1.8mm. The way to assemble the spoke is Italian.

Frame tube:KAISEI
Lugs: TOEI type "B"
size:550mm top:550mm
Spokes DT Stainless
Hubs Pellissier SFQR 32H
Free Wheel Suntour 13〜23 6speed
Head set Stronglight Competition Saddle IDEALE♯90 with Daniel Rebour sign
Botom brackt set Philwood Seat post Simplex
Shifter Simplex SLJ ♯5500 Friction Handle bar NITTO Randonneur 44cm
F change Simplex SLJ ♯5500 Stem TOEI  Original 110mm
R Change Simplex SLJ ♯5500 Bar tape Cotton
Clanks Styronglight49D 170mm Brake lever MAFAC type Full Hoods
Chain rings TA 46×34 Brake arch MAFAC Criterium
Chain Sedis Sport Dynamo Soubitez 12N
Pedal TA Type Road Tail lamp TOEI Type "JOS"
Toe Clips Christophe Head Lamp Soubitez type Golf ball
Toe Straps Christophe Battery lamp un Known
Fender HONJO 650B Bottle type Thermos
Tire Pana racer "Col de la vie" 650B Bottle cage NITTO Stainless?

2008  TOEI  650B  RANDONNEUR  Specifications

■Mr. Bob Rogen visit in Japan 2007

Bob visit in Japan 2007,entry TOM2007 at Tateshina.

It made friends with TOEI owners a many.

Tonight speech by Japanese.

2shot photgraph together. It made
friends at this time.

Bob like French type Bicycles.
Photograph : At home, MARIPOSA 700C Randonneur maintenance.